Stillness, Contenment, & Humility

I am learning the value of stillness, contentment, & humility (the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance) ... and thanking the Lord for graciously giving me the importance I so desire.

Thank you Jesus Christ.

I love you.

In my weakness You are strong,

In my pain You are healer,

In You

I can be still and content and humbly accept

the pain this life brings.

Knowing that You have been through it all,

You know my pain,

You know my hurt,

You are my Savior and I can trust you with all that I am.
**Control brings pain on ourselves... but surrender to the Lord of all the earth brings peace, contentment and divine strength...Bless His Name! His praise will be continually on my lips!**
Psalm 34
Taste and See That the LORD Is Good


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