My mind wanders to so many places,
but You, Oh Lord,
You never falter.

You remain sure and steadfast.
Your ways bring peace and love,
Mine bring destruction and death.

Your Word declares freedom and Strength,
as my flesh strains for control...
It's only when I let it go And trust in You,
That the freedom of the cross stills my being.

Lord, you truly died to set me free--
But I kick, pull, hesitate, and strategize--
Its me that makes my life a struggle,
Its You that picks me up out of the puddle.

You are worthy of my mind and my so called strength,
To You I owe everything I am; my love, my life,
my dedication and thanks.

The freedom that you died for me to have,
only comes through my surrender,
I must surrender
I must surrender
I must surrender


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