Friday, October 15, 2010

Redemption- Poem of my Salvation

The tears, the pain, the lies, the hurt

becoming whole is hard with a past that lurks

the lurking voice that just won't quit,

Telling me I'm worthless, no good, and in no way legit.

Insecurity, Assumption, and Pride

Plagues my heart and makes me hide.

"Come out" You say with your gentle whisper...

"I have more for you than this you see

But you must turn from the past and follow Me."

You go on to say with a kind voice,

"I can't promise the road to Me will be painless,

But I do promise to heal you so that you may see,

you've always been my beautiful princess,

From everlasting to everlasting, this has always been your identity."

A princess, I ponder, is what I've always longed to be....

But this world has always told me I'm less than the Bible says of me...

I think it's time to listen to my Savior's voice

and turn around to follow Thee.

Into the Light of my Savior I go....

not knowing what will come about,

But He's worthy of my whole heart, this I know...

He tells me this life will be hard, but not to fear.

I believe Him, because He promises He's near.

and His promises are the only thing that lasts.

So now I walk with security, and reject the voices of my past....

because I'm loved and redeemed by my Prince Jesus Christ.

I feel Safe

this gentle yoke of Jesus will guide me into Heaven's gates.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Birthday

My morning began at the Montgomery County Park with my Bible, pen & Journal

 My Journal started with this...  for everyone older than 23, please don't be alarmed... it's just a feeling. (wink)
I began trying to write about the past 22nd year of my life; all God has done, all I am thankful for, and all my prayers on behalf of what I wanted to learn from the Lord this year... when suddenly, I had to stop and gaze at where I was. It was like for the first time, God didn't want me to write to Him, but He wanted me to enjoy Him in the presence of His beautiful creation. So instead of pouring myself into my journal... I simply sat still, and enjoyed the scenery.
I experienced a strong sense of peace here. It was the sense that simplicity is all that's needed for peace. The simplicity of enjoying God's creation, delighting in and being thankful for what's around us. I realized that God is glorified in our stillness, in our thankfulness. I was glad to be here, and could have stayed here all day.

 After a wonderful morning at the park, Kalen and I went to the Market Street art show and hung out with our Small Group. Justin (Below) and his wife Brooke (next picture) and their daughter Charlotte ( Below), host a Small Group every Thursday night. We are currently reading Revelation and getting a lot of challenging words from the Lord. I enjoy walking through life with these people. :)

 The beautiful girls: Brooke on the far right, me, and Ashley from my small group.
(We're just missing Tambra)

After a nice afternoon on Market Street looking at art, Kalen's Aunt Kirie and Uncle James (From Ft. Worth & in town for a wedding) treated us to a new Italian restaurant in Conroe called Vero. They knew the owner of the restuarant so we got to try every entree for free! Even Dessert (my favorite part)! I really enjoyed meeting the rest of Kalen's family. They are definately a blessing. I was happy that Kalen's brother Michael (in the pink), and his Parents Keely (in the gray), and David (in the orange) were there too. I'm very blessed... 

After a life-giving morning with the Lord, afternoon at Market Street, and getting spoiled at the new Italian restuarant, Keely (my wonderful soon-to-be Mother in law), ordered me this delicious cake from the bakery. We celebrated my birthday at the Houck House, and I felt very special. I was thanking the Lord for all He has done this past year with Kalen and I, and His family!
Well... That's my day friends. I hope and pray you were blessed by the sneak-peak into my life. I want to revert back to my morning for just a second. Thankfulness and delighting in the simple things in life is the key to having a healthy relationship with the Lord. I'm going to have to keep reminding my self of this, however, I believe it to be a strong, life-changing truth. With all that said, I will end with... God loves me way more than I deserve and I'm not worthy of all He has done for me! 

 This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One says:

"In repentance and rest is your salvation,

in quietness and trust is your strength."     
 - Isaiah 30:15