Redemption- Poem of my Salvation

The tears, the pain, the lies, the hurt

becoming whole is hard with a past that lurks

the lurking voice that just won't quit,

Telling me I'm worthless, no good, and in no way legit.

Insecurity, Assumption, and Pride

Plagues my heart and makes me hide.

"Come out" You say with your gentle whisper...

"I have more for you than this you see

But you must turn from the past and follow Me."

You go on to say with a kind voice,

"I can't promise the road to Me will be painless,

But I do promise to heal you so that you may see,

you've always been my beautiful princess,

From everlasting to everlasting, this has always been your identity."

A princess, I ponder, is what I've always longed to be....

But this world has always told me I'm less than the Bible says of me...

I think it's time to listen to my Savior's voice

and turn around to follow Thee.

Into the Light of my Savior I go....

not knowing what will come about,

But He's worthy of my whole heart, this I know...

He tells me this life will be hard, but not to fear.

I believe Him, because He promises He's near.

and His promises are the only thing that lasts.

So now I walk with security, and reject the voices of my past....

because I'm loved and redeemed by my Prince Jesus Christ.

I feel Safe

this gentle yoke of Jesus will guide me into Heaven's gates.


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