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Emily's 2nd Birthday

Just two years ago, little Emily was born on 10/24/08.
I remember this day so perfectly. I was overwhelmed with huge joy and delight. My heart bursted with excitement at the thought that I would someday (if the Lord allowed ) be blessed with a little child of my own. Fear also crept in with the thought that "What if God didn't have anyone for me (a husband)?"... What if? That thought broke my joy and made me cry. My sister, my wonderful sister, comforted me. She somehow knew God had a wonderful man for me. I tried to believe her.

Now two years later, celebrating 2 years of little Emily, the man of my prayers has arrived, not only arrived, but we're engaged! And who would've known? My hearts desire has been satisfied, and one day, if the Lord has it, we will have our own little ones. Yipee! Just a little story to encourage you, if you are seeking the Lord diligently and praying for a husband, I can't promise you will get one, however, I can promise that prayer …

Jesus and the sheep?

So often, we see the picture of Jesus holding the little sheep and think it's cute, right? That's what I've thought & I've actually not understood it completely until today. I'd always ponder... "Why does Jesus hold sheep?"... almost like it was a dorky thing. This is because I was being naive and not leaning on the scriptures to find the true answer to this. 
I did not see that in all actuality the sheep represents me.
This changes the way I view this picture.

Did you know that there are 257 scriptures in the Bible pretaining to the shepherd & sheep? This fact MUST mean there is important message from God to us.Look at how happy this little lamb is, how content. Doesn't the lamb just look safe? I don't know how something can "look safe" but this little lamb has got that look going on completely. The scriptures refer to us(people) as sheep(christians), or lost sheep(non-christians), and Jesus as the good Shepherd, sent from Hea…