Not Justified by Works...

But through Faith in Jesus Christ alone.
Galations 2:16

that is freeing.

So often I get caught up in the "not good enough" wheel. Thinking "I can't do this and I can't do that"... mostly pertaining to my walk with Christ. What I'm realizing (with the help and guidance of my amazing husband) is that it's impossible to walk with God 24/7 without depending on the Holy Spirit (putting full trust and Faith in Jesus Christ). I find myself trying to walk with God out of my own strength and coming up short everytime. The reason why I can't attain these goals I'm reaching for in my walk with Christ is that I am walking in my own strength and depending on my own goodness to SAVE and strengthen me. When I have already been set free through faith in Christ, my faith in Christ is what strengthens me and justifies me, not how strong I am in the face of challenges, but only through faith in Christ

Does this bless the socks off anyone else but me?! We are justified by Faith alone, in Christ alone, by God's grace alone, to God's glory alone!

for faith in Christ truly is the answer to everything.


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