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"You can't get Humility without Humiliation" - Sunny Shell
A scary prayer is to ask God to humiliate us that we may share in the humility of our Savior Jesus. Humility cannot be present where pride is present. The only way to break pride so that it may not be present in our lives anymore is for God to bring circumstances that are humiliating to us. I find that when God brings humiliating circumstances to me, I run and ask God, WHY?!?

I see now that I can't run, but only praise God that He's humbling me so that I will not be BLINDED by pride anymore. I must continue to ask God for more humiliating circumstances until I have fully grasped humility. Our Savior knew humility...

"Although he was a son, he (Jesus) learned obedience through what he suffered."
(Hebrews 5:8 ESV)

Jesus suffered. Jesus was humiliated. Jesus was humble. Jesus is the Son of God.

Let's not run from the humiliating circumstances God brings us through, He's only doing His work …



A Sad Reality...

Sometimes I desire more to check my facebook or blogger,
           rather than spending time & getting affirmation from Christ.

Sometimes I'd rather wake up 30 minutes later than normal,
             thinking that I can be make it through the day without spending time with my Savior.

Sometimes I choose to take care of my business,
             before taking care of the Lord's business.

Sometimes I want to just relax,
              instead of calling/praying for that person that needs the love & encouragement of Christ.

Choosing myself over Christ...  Is a sad reality, That Christ DIED for me not to have.
Christ laid down his life,
that I my know Him & fellowship with Him.

I must lay my life down,
that others may see the Savior.


"The economy of the Kingdom is simple. Every new step will cost us everything to date. It may cost us our reputation or any security we've accumulated, but we simply just need to remember, Jesus said, 'it will cost us …

We've been APPROVED!

For those who are not aware, Kalen and I's apartment got broken into in November of 2010, and we've been living at my gracious in-laws house since then. The break-in was on a Wednesday, during the day when normally I would have been home. By God's gracious covering & protection, I was not home, I was studying for a test with a friend. The burglarer stole about 2,000 dollars worth of stuff. The most disheartening thing they stole was our video camera with our wedding on it. Gratefully, a friend from church actually had footage from our wedding and we got to see that for our anniversary, so that was extremely awesome.

        The burglary taught Kalen and I a lot. First off, we were sad that we had to leave our first home together in such circumstances, but again, God works everything for the good of those who love Him! Even though this burgaler stole some of our most valuable things, he couldn't take the MOST valueable thing from us; our relationship with J…

Hallelujah! All I have is Christ!

lately I have been thinking about the majesty, dominion and authority of Christ. The fact that only because of Christ do we have access to our Heavenly Father is SO amazing to me and has really opened my eyes to a gratefulnesss that I've never known before. Jesus literally took the WRATH of God upon Himself that we may live in freedom and have the ABILITY to have a relationship with God.

Only because of Jesus. Only because of Him. Only because what He did for us, dieing on that cross... He died in my place.

In my prayers lately, instead of going straight to God with all of my concerns, needs and wants, I have been coming to Him in the acknowledgement that Jesus made a way for me to come to Him.It's easy to come to God with a feeling that "I have a right", but that is very prideful & not true. I don't know if that makes sense, but the fact is, it's revolutionizing my prayer life! I'm not just coming to God with a bunch of needs, I'm now co…