A Sad Reality...

Sometimes I desire more to check my facebook or blogger,
           rather than spending time & getting affirmation from Christ.

Sometimes I'd rather wake up 30 minutes later than normal,
             thinking that I can be make it through the day without spending time with my Savior.

Sometimes I choose to take care of my business,
             before taking care of the Lord's business.

Sometimes I want to just relax,
              instead of calling/praying for that person that needs the love & encouragement of Christ.

Choosing myself over Christ...
 Is a sad reality,
That Christ DIED for me not to have.

Christ laid down his life,
that I my know Him & fellowship with Him.

I must lay my life down,
that others may see the Savior.


"The economy of the Kingdom is simple. Every new step will cost us everything to date. It may cost us our reputation or any security we've accumulated, but we simply just need to remember, Jesus said, 'it will cost us our life'.."
                                         - John Wimber

Help me, Lord. Help me take up the call. To forget the voices. To forget the disobedience I see all around me, and take up your true call to holiness; to humbly walk with you- that costs me my life. Identify me and all who desire to glorify you, to your sacrificial love. In Jesus Christ's Holy name, Amen.


  1. ahh.. so true... but when you do take the time.. then you realize why.. why would I ever be away from my Saviour, my friend, my beloved.. how can I spend MORE time.. let my heart be stirred with zeal for Your house Lord, with Passion for You alone.. and the tears fall as I realize I turn away sometimes in want of my own desires.. How can I just only want Him.. and stay in His presence.. Always!!!


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