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The Healing of Josiah and God's Purifying Message Through It All...

May 7th 6:30pm- We get an email from our pastor that his son, Josiah, had been throwing up uncontrollably all night and all day and that the meds given by the doctor were not working. Greg said that they were going to take him to the emergency room.

May 8th 1:20 am- Found out Josiah didn't have much luck at the emergency room he went to. Greg took him home and Josiah got a couple hours of sleep. Unfortunately Josiah woke up continually vomiting again.  Greg and Diane thought that instead of taking him back to the hospital where they didn't get good service, Diane decided to take Josiah to a different emergency room.

May 8th 6:30 am- I wake up with a huge burden on my heart to call Diane. I call her to see how Josiah's doing and found out he's been taken to Texas Children's Hospital by an ambulance. Josiah was continually vomiting and the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on. None of the IV's were working and Josiah is miserable. Prayers were going …

Mother-in-love's Surpise Graduation Celebration!!

My sweet, hard-working, Mother-in-love just graduated with her Masters Degree in Library Science at Sam Houston State University this past week. Ever since I've been apart of the Houck family, Keely has been working hard daily getting her Masters. I'm proud of her hard work and love her very much. Here are some of the pictures from her little surprise party. My sister-in-law and her husband Ryan came in from the Valley and some of Keely's friends from her school came as well! It was a special evening :o) !

                                                Keely's good friend, Debbie Corbet!
 Michael and Brittany :)  Ryan and Kalese!  My husband and I :) More friends from Keely's school!!

 Presents!! :o)  We love you, Keely!!
 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men... You are serving the Lord Christ.
(Colossians 3:23-24 ESV)

Deep and lasting happiness...

"Deep and lasting happiness is found only by those who cherish you, Oh Lord, for your own sake. Joy is YOU! And the happy life is this: To rejoice in you. To rejoice for you. To rejoice because of you! I say it again: life is Joy in You, who are the Truth, Oh my God, the light of my soul, the health of my body!"

Introducing our new nephew...

Owen James Reeves Born April 30th 2012 7 lbs 15 0z :o)