Prayer Sticks!


I wanted to share this FABULOUS idea that I found on Pinterest called prayer sticks. I even added my own little addition to it. You can do it however you'd like. It's a GREAT way to get in the habit of praying daily for family members, friends, and whoever the Lord places on your heart. Here is how you start.

Go to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or your nearest arts and crafts store & buy: 
-plenty of popsicle sticks, in 2 different sizes (depending on how many people you want to be able to pray for & how many different type of prayers you want to be able to pray.)
-Tin cans, or candle holders (big ones- they have cute ones in perfect sizes at Hobby Lobby), or little cups (whatever you'd like that fits your style of home. These will hold your prayer sticks)
-Sharpie Markers (I used pink & blue - to differentiate between the men & women)
-Pictures of the people's faces to glue on the sticks

I found all of this at Hobby Lobby

I started with family members in Kalens family 1st. I wrote down the men & women all the way to the grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, ect. Then did the same for my family (You can do it however you'd like, I just thought I'd share how I did it. I didn't forget anyone because I just went down the line...It's easy). Then I wrote a prayer stick for each member of our church and their children. Then I made prayer sticks for people that Kalen and I have known for awhile, or for a short time. Really I just wrote down all the names I could think of that we're close to now, or have been close to in the past.

Now for the bigger popsicle sticks, I went through the book of John and the book of Acts and wrote down about 20 prayers that I found in some of the chapters. I used the prayers Jesus prays in John by dividing them up into like one sentence each. In the book of Acts you find the disciples praying for boldness, the Lord's hand, ect. I am not finished with the prayer sticks yet, but am in the process of going through other books of the Bible to assist me in making prayers.

So, this is what Kalen and I do; everytime we eat together, which is in the morning and in the evening, we pick a person to pray for and a prayer to pray for them in addition to our regular pray together. It's been really fun to do this. And it keeps those people in the forefront of your minds throughout the day. I even find myself continuing to pray for them throughout the day!

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA FOR KIDS TOO. If I had kids, I would not only have prayer sticks at the eating table, I would have them in their rooms for bedtime. This encourages your children to pray for people, and if you do the scripture prayers too, your children learn scripture!!!

I hope you find the time to do this! It has blessed our socks off as a couple.
Be blessed in Christ,


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