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Many of you know that I have been being mentored by a sweet, wonderful, Christ-honoring woman named Sunny Shell. She fears and honors the Lord more than anyone I have ever met. We met through my search to be a Biblically submissive wife. About a year ago I began praying that the Lord would bring me someone that could REALLY help me become the wife I was called to be. I had a lot of women in my life that were Christians but were busy and weren't able to help thoroughly mentor me. A few days later, I searched in google "first love Jesus, second love husband", and came across this website called I clicked the link and from then on Sunny has been mentoring me. Sunny is the author and founder of which is a biblical submission study through Proverbs 31. I have learned so much through the study and am only on section 8 of the study!

I believe the most important part of the study is that Sunny interacts with me via phone and video. Before I took the study, I had to email her and talk to her over the phone. We began talking on the phone weekly because I had SO many questions about faith, life, and Jesus! She also had a lot of correction to give as to my beliefs. It's amazing how much I thought I knew.... and I thought was right...... that didn't line up with God's word. She's the only woman that I've ever known to walk me through the darkest hours with such wisdom, grace and reproof. I am honored to tell you wonderful things about her because she is worth it. She has given her life completely to Jesus and the fruit of that has extermely blessed my life.

A lot of women aren't willing to go all the way- to forsake all (wants, desires, hopes, and aspirations) for the cause of Jesus (they say it with their lips, but their life doesn't look like Jesus at all!!)- but she is and her life does. And I'm thankful for her guidance in my life! Thank you Jesus! She's a lover of the truth!

Well, last week, we got to see each other!!! Yippeeee!!! It was such a sweet blessing to finally meet her face to face after a year of mentorship!!!!

Sunny fixing my hair for the pictures! (my husband captured this moment!)

She's so much fun!!

                                           my spiritual mother! I love you Sunny!!!


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