Yellow Butterflies

It was a gorgeous day in September of 2009, Kalen and I  had our first "hang-out/date". We drove around Montgomery, not really knowing what to do, but just wanting to be with each other.

On one back road we found thousands upon thousands of yellow butterflies wisping in and out of the trees and in front of the car. I remember feeling really giddy inside, like it was a magical moment with Kalen and yet another sign of God's sweet beauty around us. We were both amazed on the amount of butterflies around us- we'd never seen so many before!

To this day, every time I see a yellow butterfly, I think of that day and smile. I remember praying the day after I met Kalen for signs from God that he was "the one" for me. God was so faithful to do that. Some may think it's silly that I viewed the butterflies as a sign, but I did. It was the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL journey for Kalen and I.

It's that season again, and the yellow butterflies are out and about. Today I saw about 15 driving around to different places, they seem to say to me "be cheerful". I am so thankful for God's kindness towards me. Whether it be viewing beautiful butterflies or giving me the BEST husband that I could ever ask for, think or imagine... It's ALL God's unmerited kindness. Every flower that blooms, every bird that sings, every butterfly that wisps through the air... everything is filled with God's glory and goodness!

Today I am thankful for yellow butterflies.
I am thankful for my husband.


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