Girl behind the blog: Your influence


Meet me! The Girl Behind The Blog!!! :) 

(Scripture reference is from Philippians 1... not 2 forgive me! )

The Prompt
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long
Introduce yourself and your blog
Who or what has influenced the way you think and who you are or changed the way you think/are? 
How do you hope to influence people through your blog? 
Is there another area in your life where you have influence? How do you plan to use your influence in this area? 


  1. Lindsey Lou,
    Your Daddy-0 loves you and has watched you grow
    from a little girl to this beautiful Woman of God. Who thought that my job loss would start such a journey for you? You make me smile, alot.
    Your Blog is such a testimony of faith. A faith that is so strong that it will surely bring God's truth about his son Jesus to a world in need of some "good news". You humble me. As your earthly Father, I could not be prouder of who your in Christ and who you and Kalen aspire to become by living out his word with your lives.
    God's peace and love to you,

  2. You are so adorable! I love that your heart is to show the true Jesus Christ. Your heart for the Lord is so pure and beautiful. So glad you linked up!

  3. Daddy-o, I love you! God is soooooo goood.

    And 5ohWifey, thank you! I'm glad I linked up as well! I'm new to this blog link stuff but am excited. Thanks for taking the time to watch- Glory to God for everything!!! Blessings!!!


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