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Happy Valentines Day

How fun to cut open a fresh heart-shaped strawberry for Valentines day!  Happy love day. May you celebrate God's love and share it everyday with those around you. 

& remember...

We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

Discernment in the Church

Good afternoon! I'll just cut right to chase...
This issue of "Discernment" in the Church (Body of Christ) has been on my heart for awhile now. When I first got saved, I was not discipled, so I found myself searching around aimlessly going to every church that spoke the name "Jesus". I thought, as a new believer, that if the church spoke about Jesus... all was good! Scary huh? A lot of cults use the name of Jesus... little did I know.

Well, not until a couple years later did I learn (by the grace of God), that not all men and women that speak the name Jesus are actually disciples of Christ. A true disciple of Christ will love the Word of God (The Bible) and live within the guidelines the Lord has set out for us in the Bible. A true disciple of Christ exudes love and acknowledges that he/she struggles with sin. A true disciple of Christ doesn't seek experience after experience, but seeks God's face to please Him and yearns for holiness.  I could go throu…