"Are You Happy All The Time...?"

       A sweet woman asked me that about a month ago. She said she noticed that I was never in a "bad mood". I was really struck by her question and answered in a vunerable fashion by saying, "actually, I struggle with frustrations and selfishness inside. I have to pray all the time and ask the Lord for strength to honor him and do the next right thing." She shook her head like she understood. After that short conversation, I couldn't get that question off my mind...

The truth is...


It's not as easy or as "happy" as it may look on the outside.

Sure, there are seasons when God grants me sweet joy and bliss, which I am so grateful for. There are also moments and seasons of struggle and trial, which I am also so grateful for.

I struggle with anxiety and fears. I struggle with not feeling "good enough" and feeling not worthy to be called a daughter of the Most High God. I struggle with sins daily that I have to fight against. I fight these worries with the Word of God. I fight these struggles with the God of Heaven's armies strength. He helps me!

My Hope - Christ

My Strength- Christ

My Joy- Christ

My Anchor- Christ

What I've realized through that question is; The goal in life is not to be happy all the time, it's to be content and faithful in the season God has us in. Contentment and godliness is great gain and brings much joy!

I know happiness is all something we want to attain, but utter - constant happiness in itself is not real, not on this earth. No matter what a persons life looks like on the outside (through social networking especially), the truth is... we ALL struggle. We are all broken human beings in need of a Savior; a good Shepherd to carry, heal, restore, and anchor us.

I want to end with this song...

My Anchor Holds

By: Leon Young 


"Though the angry surges roll on my tempest driven soul
I am peaceful for I know, wildly though the winds may blow
I've an anchor safe and sure that can evermore endure"


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