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Our Destin Trip!

The Lord blessed Kalen and I with an AMAZING, memorable trip to Destin, Florida this past August. Kalen planned the whole trip and we had a blast. I wanted to share some pictures. 

The first day when we got out to the beach we were AMAZED by the beautiful clear blue water. Kalen I were discussing the beauty and he said "if it's this beautiful here, on earth, IMAGINE the GLORY-filled BEAUTY of Heaven..."
I can't even fathom... 

Soaking it all in...


Some beach adventures below; we had a picnic on the beach for 2 lunches which was memorable and fun! I LOVED relaxing under our tent and listening to the waves and seagulls.

We enjoyed a quaint little coffee shop in Destin where I got an iced chai tea latte... YUMMY. 

We went to see a movie and the theater was completely empty. That was a cool experience, while also being a little weird at the same time... Lol.

The next morning I made Kalen protein pancakes and he was a happy camper (especially in his batman shi…

"To Build Muscle, it Must be Broken Down First..."

-Wise words from my husband (as I was complaining about the aches in my legs due to running!)

As summer approached, I was determined to get a better attitude about working out. I decided, by God's grace, to begin a work-out regime! My journey began on June 1st. The first day I ran for about 10 minutes. I continued this 3 days a week. After a week of that, I bumped up the time to 15 minutes of running 3 - 4 days a week. Over the course of a month, I started running everyday except for Sunday. By the time summer was over (a total of three months),  I was able to run 3 miles in 29 minutes or less! At each milestone in my journey I took time to capture my accomplishments. (See pictures below)

Capturing my thankfulness for getting out of bed and running in the first place! (10-13 minute run)
Praising God for the ability to run on His beautiful creation! 
Kalen has always been a HUGE encouragement to me in the "Work-out" process... Here we are just getting back from a run toge…