A Frozen Heart

A couple of days ago I saw the movie Frozen. When I see movies (wholesome ones), I like to make spiritual connections (it helps me enjoy the movie more). As I watched the movie I noticed a few things; but the most important truth I noticed was that Anna's heart could only become unfrozen, or melt - by an act of true love. When Anna asked Olaf what true love was, he said "it's when you put others needs before yours, it's sacrificial." Anna then knew the only way her frozen, hard heart would melt was by an act of true love.

As the holidays have come and gone... my heart has become frozen/hard in areas. You probably know what I mean. It's so easy to get off track, to lose our focus on what's important; to realize that truly the most important aspect of our lives is our relationship with Christ.

I always have these "Come to Jesus" moments when my heart feels so far from the Lord that I come desperately to Him. When the reality of my relationship with Christ moves from my heart to my head, my actions will truly show/follow it. For example; I can tell you every day how important my relationship with Christ is, but my actions will show if my heart is truly there. Lately, it's been a head knowledge - not a heart action (AKA Frozen Heart)

Today I came to Jesus' feet. It's so sweet! As I began my prayer time, I felt prompted to just worship the Lord via Pandora (Rend Collective Experiment Station ((is the bomb!)) ). The Lord brought to my attention how my heart becomes frozen over time without the touch of His daily presence. OH what a truth it is! And OH how sweet it is to have my hard hard heart be melted by the touch of His presence. I then realized...

Jesus Christ is OUR sacrificial act of true love that consistently MELTS our frozen... sinful hearts!

The Lord reminded me today that my heart becomes frozen/hard easily. Just because I'm saved doesn't mean my heart will never grow cold or hard. God has given us the ability to choose... and when we choose things over our relationship with Christ, our hearts become cold and hard. 

God's GRACE is so great though!! He is always willing and available to receive us again; to melt the hard parts of our hearts as we come to Him. All we must do is come to Him and offer our hearts to Him by faith. As I was attempting to do this - this song came on Pandora (I don't believe in coincidences - God is sovereign and obviously God over Pandora :)). Listen and notice the references to the heart and how we can offer our hearts to Jesus by faith! Be blessed! 

Lay Me Down - by Chris Tomlin! Worship with me :)

So thankful that Jesus melts my frozen, hard heart!!
-Lindsey :)


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