Our Destin Trip!

The Lord blessed Kalen and I with an AMAZING, memorable trip to Destin, Florida this past August. Kalen planned the whole trip and we had a blast. I wanted to share some pictures. 

The first day when we got out to the beach we were AMAZED by the beautiful clear blue water. Kalen I were discussing the beauty and he said "if it's this beautiful here, on earth, IMAGINE the GLORY-filled BEAUTY of Heaven..."

I can't even fathom... 

Soaking it all in...


Some beach adventures below; we had a picnic on the beach for 2 lunches which was memorable and fun! I LOVED relaxing under our tent and listening to the waves and seagulls.

We enjoyed a quaint little coffee shop in Destin where I got an iced chai tea latte... YUMMY. 

We went to see a movie and the theater was completely empty. That was a cool experience, while also being a little weird at the same time... Lol.

The next morning I made Kalen protein pancakes and he was a happy camper (especially in his batman shirt). 


We went running every morning in Destin, which I LOVED so much! I loved even more running in our matching Batman Under Armor shirts.

On our condo balcony taking it all in! 

Love him !!

     Taking a stroll on the beach at sunset

 Kalen found me a live Starfish the next day! It was breathing, literally! 

We went to a jetty in Destin to do some legit snorkeling! The fish there were colorful and BIG!

Kalen was given a dead fish by a fisherman and he fed fish out of his hand! 

Us in front of the rocks of the jetty!

We found a pirate ship! 

Our Last Night... *Bittersweet*

The view from our table at dinner.

Our exquisite meals

The sun setting in Destin, Florida!

My sweet husband and I all dolled up on our last night in Destin together.

Our last morning...

We were excited to get out on the beach as the sun was rising. (Who is that hunk? ^ Oh, that's my hott husband! hehe)

Reading our Bibles as the sun rose over Destin. It was such a sweet, sweet time together.

 Beach + Bible + My Babe = Bliss 

And a perfect way to end our trip... . 

My husband is SUCH an amazing leader to me, I love to follow Him as He follows Christ.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip ^ 

Kalen caught my silhouette 

And here we are all packed up and ready to leave our condo that we've enjoyed for 6 days! 

Giving God all the glory and praise for His sweet gift of this trip! And of course my amazing husband who works so hard and provided for a super memorable trip! 

"From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the LORD is to be praised!"Psalm 113:3


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