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The House (God) Story

I've been anxiously awaiting the perfect time to tell an amazing cool story of God's goodness! 
Let's start back in May 2013, I find out I got the job at CCS. In August of 2013 I got a wonderful bundle of precious 5th and 6th grade kids to love on/teach Bible, Language Arts and History to! One of these students is Megan Gallagher. And that's where the story begins...

After the school year was over, Heather Gallagher, her momma, asked me to watch the Gallagher kids (there are four of them:)) throughout the summer. I gladly accepted. We had some fun adventures together last summer. Then August came, and they found out Jeff and the family were on the list to transfer to Canada for his job. They called us to see if Kalen and I would like to live in their home if they actually accepted the deal for free (except for utilities). And of course, there was no question about it in our minds! But, we tried to not get too excited because plans were not finalized y…