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Here We Go!!!!

I am so happy to announce that Kalen and I are going to begin the foster-to-adopt process with Arrow! This is a DREAM come true for me. I've literally longed to be a mother for many years, and It's been a hard waiting process for Kalen and I to become parents(learn more about that here). We surrendered our fertility to the Lordship of Christ a couple months into our marriage, and though it's been a painful road, we have trusted Him to lead us just where HE wants us in the parent arena.

This past Wednesday night, the leading seemed very clear. Kalen held me in his arms with joy in his eyes and said, "It's time, we can begin the foster/adoption process".

The feeling.... the joy I felt (and FEEL)... reminded of a scripture in proverbs...

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick,  But a desire fulfilled is a tree of life"  Proverbs 13:12

Because you see, I tried to lead us into the fostering-to-adopt process last year...
(Side note: married ladies, if you haven…

Easter 2015

Because Christ lives-- our marriage thrives Because Christ lives -- forgiveness is freely given Because Christ lives -- we can love because He loved us first Because Christ lives -- we are not bound to our own selfishness anymore Because Christ lives -- we are free to serve and cherish each other Because Christ lives -- We can face tomorrow without fear Because Christ lives -- All suffering and pain experienced for His glory is worth it! Because Christ LIVES!!!! ...:) The essence of Easter...

We were able to snap a new picture for our church family which makes me so happy, because we've grown by 4 families! RiversEnd has been officially launched for 3 years now! I love my Church Family!

Pastor Greg preaching on the 7 things Jesus said on the cross, pretty powerful!


It was sweet to have my family over for brunch! 3 generations below :)