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And we are....

Licensed to be Foster/adoptive parents! It's surreal + exciting + tad bit scary knowing that our lives are going to change drastically soon! 
We are confident that God who began the good work in us will complete it and teach us to be God-fearing parents; leading His littles ones back to Him!  Please, please continue to pray for us! 

Excited, expectant, & thankful for the Faithful love and grace our Heavenly Father,  Lindsey & Kalen 

Our Missouri Trip

Our summer trip this year was up to see Kalese, Ryan and Jonah in Missouri! We were excited and thankful to finally get to see their hometown. Ryan is a Luetinent in the Army and is stationed in Missouri.

Our first day consisted of us visiting a beautiful park called Meramec Springs in St. James, Missouri. We took the Scenic Route and actually found ourselves at the top of a hill, overlooking the Spring and other hills! 

We also found a cross, which delighted my heart immensely! 

Resting in the shadow of the Cross :) 

After enjoying the scenic hill, we traveled down the hill and had a picnic lunch together in the park. It was very pleasant walking by the spring because the cold water (50 degrees) would give a nice cool breeze as you were walking by. I just couldn't stop thinking about how refreshing/renewing God made His creation. 

Here we are right in front of a crisp, flowing waterfall. I LOVE waterfalls. Like, really like. I don't get to see them very often, so I jumped on …

A Sweet Day with my Sister

Lauren and I grew up in Round Rock, Tx. The Round Rock/Austin area was our stomping grounds from the elementary years to the High School years and even into the college years for me. Little did Lauren know after college and marriage and 2 kids, God would call her family back to this area to build a church and have another kid, hehe. Her husband is a pastor of Redeemer Round Rock.

Anyways, I enjoy coming to visit my sister because we are super close and I love her dearly. Friday mornings Josh (her hubby) has off, so he watches the kids and allows Lauren to go have some well- needed Jesus (bible study/prayer/reading) fill-up time. Since I am town, I DELIGHTFULLY went with her. She let me choose the place, and I chose good ol' Mozarts! Who goes to Austin without visiting Mozarts on Lake Austin BLVD? It was Such a sweet time of refreshment and Bible reading.

My sweet sister, Lauren 
Look at that beautiful view of Lake Austin!  I can't deny this! Haha  A selfie - my sister caught m…

Home study = Done!

Yay! After two long months of preparation (that I will blog more about later:)) our home study is finished! Yay!  All went well! We are so appreciative and thankful for everyone's love and support! We're so looking forward to licensing (which should be in a couple weeks/Lord Willing) and loving on some babies!!! Keep us in your prayers!!