A Sweet Day with my Sister

Lauren and I grew up in Round Rock, Tx. The Round Rock/Austin area was our stomping grounds from the elementary years to the High School years and even into the college years for me. Little did Lauren know after college and marriage and 2 kids, God would call her family back to this area to build a church and have another kid, hehe. Her husband is a pastor of Redeemer Round Rock.

Anyways, I enjoy coming to visit my sister because we are super close and I love her dearly. Friday mornings Josh (her hubby) has off, so he watches the kids and allows Lauren to go have some well- needed Jesus (bible study/prayer/reading) fill-up time. Since I am town, I DELIGHTFULLY went with her. She let me choose the place, and I chose good ol' Mozarts! Who goes to Austin without visiting Mozarts on Lake Austin BLVD? It was Such a sweet time of refreshment and Bible reading.

My sweet sister, Lauren 

Look at that beautiful view of Lake Austin! 
I can't deny this! Haha 
A selfie - my sister caught me in the act so I really thought it was funny! I was just so happy to be here drinking coffee and drawing close to the Lord with my sis! 
Turtle friends/family, piggy-backing! Hilarious! 
Ah... God is good and glorious! 
Some sweet truths The Holy Spirit reminded my heart today; "my hope is built on nothing less... than Jesus blood and righteousness! I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but only trust in Jesus name!!" Because of His sacrifice alone I/Christians can stand faultless before the throne... Such grace!!! Undeserved-- gift! 

After Mozarts, we hit up my favorite goodwill in Austin. I callthis particular goodwill the "rich Goodwill" when I lived here (because it's in a real wealthy part of town); but apparently everyone has found out about it since I left because it was crazy busy and the prices have gone up for "boutique shirts"--- what!!?? When did Goodwill know the difference??? Lol, I'm a little bummed about that, but still MANAGED to find some goodies :). 
In front of the goodwill in Austin (tried to get the "G" in there!) 

The rest of the day consisted of me playing with my nephew and nieces! Reading with Owen was super sweet! 

Today was just a wonderful day and I wanted to take time to thank God for it, as well as share it with you. 

Encouragement for the day;
 Look for the little blessings God brings in each moment of everyday and fight to remain close with Jesus; whatever that looks like for you! FIGHT. Our walk with the Lord doesn't come just naturally all the time, we have two natures battling for our allegiance! Depend and trust in God's word and promises! Fight to remain in Christ by obeying His word and spirit within! Submit to His Lordship no matter what the cost! By dieing to ourselves/wants/desires we always find Jesus- which is what our souls need and truly want anyways! :) 

Love yall, in Christ, 
Lindsey 💝💞


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