Our Missouri Trip

Our summer trip this year was up to see Kalese, Ryan and Jonah in Missouri! We were excited and thankful to finally get to see their hometown. Ryan is a Luetinent in the Army and is stationed in Missouri.

Our first day consisted of us visiting a beautiful park called Meramec Springs in St. James, Missouri. We took the Scenic Route and actually found ourselves at the top of a hill, overlooking the Spring and other hills! 

We also found a cross, which delighted my heart immensely! 

Resting in the shadow of the Cross :) 

After enjoying the scenic hill, we traveled down the hill and had a picnic lunch together in the park. It was very pleasant walking by the spring because the cold water (50 degrees) would give a nice cool breeze as you were walking by. I just couldn't stop thinking about how refreshing/renewing God made His creation. 

Here we are right in front of a crisp, flowing waterfall. I LOVE waterfalls. Like, really like. I don't get to see them very often, so I jumped on the opportunity to catch some sweet photographs in front. 

I was also reminded of the Scripture, 

"Many waters cannot quench love,
neither can floods drown it." 
- Song of Solomon 8:7

As we were standing near the waterfall, hearing the roar of the water and watching the steady flow, I thought of God's unrelenting love. When water gets going down a waterfall, it's NOT stopping. It's going to its God-given ordained place.
That's like us, as Christians; once we believe upon the Lord Jesus, His love cannot be quenched in our lives! No matter what, nothing can separate us from Gods love! He will get us home! I just needed that truth and I'm so thankful God spoke that to my spirit while visiting the park. 

With my love :) 

  "Many waters cannot quench love,
neither can floods drown it." 
- Song of Solomon 8:7

My husband loves the outdoors and anything that's an adventure!!! He got in the crisp cold water and invited me in! I got in with him for about 30 seconds; the water was FREEZING (to this little Texas girl!) 
Jonah came in with us for a little bit :) 
Kalen just hanging out in the spring. I'm telling you, He's a manly adventurous man - and I love him so much. 
Here we are enjoying the scenery together. 
Uncle Kalen and Jonah hanging out. 

When we got back to their home, Kalen and I decided to take a little evening jog. Let me tell you, they warned us that it was going to be a hard trail, but oh boy! Was it ever! We both have minimalist Vibram soles on our running shoes so we felt EVERY rock, and I mean every one! 
But my husband loves an adventure, so we were NOT turning back! :) This rocky trail veered off into the woods where there was a small trail made by a little 4-wheeler of some sort. Basically we went from rocks to tall itchy grass! I won't forget to mention the hills, too! Haha. 
See what I'm talking about? 

My sentiments after about 15 minutes! Lol. 

That evening, Kalese and Ryan took us to the legitimate historical Route 66 diner in their hometown. 
We enjoyed a yummy dessert! 
The guys :) 
The Girls :) 

On our last day, we went up to Springfield for some fun adventures. 

Our 1st stop: the first ever Bass Pro Shop! I told you my husband is crazy about the outdoors, and this Bass Pro Shop is named the "Grandaddy of all outdoor stores". We (or Kalen) could have stayed in here forever. There were legitimate animal & fish exhibits as well taxidermy animals. They also had a gun and archery museum. 
The family and Kalen! 
Kalen's favorite animals are bears, so we found a few bears to snap some pictures with! 

After the museum, we went to visit 1 of the thousands (small and big) caves in Missouri. Missouri is known as the "cave state". This particular cave was called the Smallin Civil War Cave because soldiers from the Civil War rested in this cave in the 1800's. It was beautiful. 
Ryan, Kalese, Jonah and us about to enter the cave! 
The entrance to the cave and our very informative tour guide! He was a legit historian and geologist, so we learned a lot on our journey through the Smallin Civil War Cave! 
Something really neat; the Cave was dedicated to "the glory of God for the use of those who love His handiwork..." With a quotation of Genesis 1 on the bottom! This made my heart happy! I loved supporting this Cave and I did enjoy looking at God's handiwork here! 
The view from the inside looking out... breathtaking! 
The end of the cave tour... I wanted to jump in and continue on, and of course - so did Kalen! :) 
Leaving the cave... God is glorious! 

We're thankful to the good Lord for giving us a sweet trip with family! Now onto licensing for us! We should be licensed to be foster/ adoptive parents in the next week or so, so our lives could be changing drastically and soon! Pray for us! We will keep you updated! Love in Christ! 


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