He Holds my Heart Forever: a Declaration!

It's been a hard month full of trust and faith tests from my good Lord Jesus. He is loving me, molding me, shaping me and that sometimes can be so painful. But this sweet... Beyond sweet gift just came in the mail and I about cried. 

This note is what JUST what I needed, and only this mystery person knows how God uses red birds(cardinals) to uplift my spirit and remind me of His love for me especially when I feel unlovable or unworthy of love. This is why the body of Christ is so beautiful. This is why it's ok to let your brothers and sisters in Christ know that you're not okay sometimes. Life is hard. We must walk together hand in hand! Perseverence is a community project! Thank you to my mystery person who blessed my socks off tonight. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness to us and how You yourself walked through the only fire that could burn us. Now we walk through the fires of life with you and won't be burned, we will come out shining! Like gold! Thank you Jesus for the joy and peace that is found in you, and that You promise times of refreshing! Thank You for brothers and sisters in Christ to endure life with! Thank you for you, Lord! 

Declaring I am His and He is mine, and that I am not the one who holds my heart, but Jesus is! So thankful!
Resting in God's covenant faithful love (and so should you dear Bro/sis in Christ),  


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