Houck... family of FOUR!

The Lord blessed us last Wednesday with 2 separate calls/cases in a day, a newborn baby "M" and A 14 month girl "L"! We turned into a family of 4 overnight!

meet "L" 

My friend Katie caught a smile on Thursday! I think it was her first!

We received L (the 14 month old baby girl) into our home that very late Wednesday night. It was a tough evening for her because she knew something had happened, that she'd been separated from her family so quickly. When she came Wednesday night she was very somber, didn't smile at al, and I could tell was grieving immensely. Because baby boy "M" was in the NICU for a few days, we got a few days for L to warm up to us and adjust. This was a blessing in the sense that L really needed some bonding time with us. She attached to me quickly, but struggled with Kalen and Neila. Over 2 days, she grew more fond of the other members of the family! :) on Friday, we got a call from the caseworker telling us our baby boy was ready to come home! It was now a family outing! 

We hopped (well, now I've realized with kids there is no more "hopping in the car") into the car and headed to Memorial Herman downtown to pick up baby boy. My sweet church family bought this balloon, it's so fun to celebrate this boy as long as the Lord allows us to have him! 

It was a long day of waiting, so Kalen and I had our first date as parents with L at the hospital Cafe! (Yes, day 2 of being a mommy I wanted a Monster, now on day 7 all I want is sleep! 😊😂😳) 
Handsome little man ready to be loved on!! 
And here we are, our new family of 4! My heart❤️❤️❤️ 

After picking up M boy, we decided to drop by home fellowship on the way home to see our sweet church family with our new and doubled family! 
They prayed for us!!!! Such a blessing!!!  
So thankful for such a supportive, Jesus-relying family in Christ! 

When we got home, Kalen and I got some pictures with baby boy! I was so excited that I couldn't sleep... Little did I know the nights of no sleep that were ahead!!! Haha.

So, our family has grown!!! It will be a week tomorrow since we've had L. She is still progressing, adjusting and blooming... Pray for her heart to heal and feel Jesus' love. Little man is doing great- the normal; eating, sleeping, crying, and pooping- while all the while being so adorable.  This momma is busy, changing a lot of diapers, awake the majority of a 24 hr period, adjusting to my radically changed lifestyle and loving it! I'm happy-tired( my new word for this season of life!)  God has been so gracious to fill our home! Though it is harder than I could have ever known, it's worth every minute!!! 😂

Love, Houck family of 4! 



  1. Lindsey.......What a blessing and wow how you grew so quickly. :) Children are such a blessing form him. You are glowing!!!!!! Enjoy every moment and soak it up.


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