Life as a Momma...

Is about The.grace.of.God.

I'm so thankful for His grace for it is indeed my strength, song and sustenance. 

Going from no kids to 2 under 2 is a challenge, but not one that God cannot handle. 

What's funny is I really used to be confident in my ability to work with kids, not until recently have I sensed whatever good is in me, or whatever ability I thought I possessed on my own,  it indeed was Christ and it never was me anyways. 

It's been a humbling season. Even before we got the kids, God was preparing my heart for relying on His strength, thus stripping me of my perceived strength. Once I got off Instagram(for me, instagram and social media become consuming and idols to my heart), my brain/soul was freed to deal with heart issues I didn't know were there; such as trusting God to maintain, keep and sustain me. I can't explain it, but now more than ever I know If I'm going to make it through this life, and take care of these precious souls well, it will be by His grace and strength alone. That is humbling. I want to find some sort of security in me. Why? I don't know. It's a good feeling to think I'm in control, but God is stripping me and showing me just how I am not. So, it's a good thing, but a hard thing. I'm stripped, raw and bear with 2 precious souls to take care of. Sounds perfect, huh? And yes, it is. Because Jesus put me in this season! So it is perfect!  (I'm still convincing myself of this!) God is faithful and will help my heart understand His ways that are way beyond mine! 

"I hear the Savior say, thy srength indeed is small, child of weakness watch and pray, find in Me thine all in all!" - old hymn 

"MY strength is made perfect in your weakness" - Jesus to Paul 

"We don't need to worry about being weak, we should worry about delusions of strength" - Paul Tripp

So, here's my first official "Momma post" I am weak, but He is strong!!!!! 

Prayer requests: 
A selfless momma
A fearless momma
A "I'm glad to simply rely on Jesus and not myself" momma 
Most importantly, that these babies hearts become secure in Christ and feel His love.

On a funny note: 
On Saturday morning I asked Kalen to put L in some clothes for the day and he came down with her in her swimsuit! This was hilarious, cute and definitely a comic relief! Such a daddy moment! Love this! Thankful for this life God has given us! 

In Christ, 
Lindsey :) 


  1. Great word!!! And too funny about the swimsuit


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