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For the JOY set before Him...

Jesus endured the cross. He endured death. Not only death, but humiliation ,shame, beatings, mockings, crucifixion... .so that WE may be saved... So that WE may have eternal life, so that WE may know the Father and have the Holy Spirit. 
It was Christ's JOY to lay down His life for me... For us. And how He endured the suffering was the JOY that was set before Him. He had his eyes FIXED! Not on his present circumstances, but on what was to come, our salvation, His glorification, the Father's will... The Fathers GLORY, honor and praise! 
These past few weeks God has revealed to me that I will not find true joy in motherhood without following the in the footsteps of my Savior... Dieing. To. Me. In order to Bless. These. Babies.  
Dieing hurts... Bad. But it is so good at the very same time because it gives birth to beautiful, heavenly things! 
Receiving 2 bundles of blessings is hard work, and I had no idea how taxing motherhood truly was going to be! 
As I sat outside with my Bible an…

Smiles all around

M turned 1 month today and I got a smile! ❤️❤️❤️  Thankful for this gift! I needed it especially today. 
We also had fun at the Library today! As usual-  L is smiling! She kept trying to eat the crayons. Oh the fun!  ❤️❤️❤️
I'm reminded by the kids this scripture; "A joyful heart is good medicine..." Proverbs 17:22
Seeking a Happy heart in Him,  Lindsey :) 

A Day at Huntsville State Park!

Today our dear friends Ashlee and John invited us to go on a hike at Huntsville State Park; we had a blast! 

Ashlee and I were talking about how just last summer we took a picture like this and we didn't have precious bundles wrapped around us! Crazy what can happen in a year. 
L did really great in our "off-terrain" stroller! She even fell asleep, she's the ultimate trail rider! She's a great sleeper. I thank Jesus for that grace everyday. 

The trail was bumpy but our Eddie Bauer jogging stroller took it like a champ! Impressed. 
After our walk, we went out to the dock. It had a beautiful breeze coming off the water so we just hung out there for a little while. 
The view!  Our little family ❤️ Cute photo.  Our reflection on the water!  We spied an alligator on our way out!
It was a beautiful, cool day and I'm so thankful that the Good Lord gave us a good day out with friends! 
Love,  The Houcks 

The Grace of Thanksgiving

One key I've learned to thrive while being a mommy is being thankful for everything!!!! There are so many things to be thankful for, and if by God's grace, I can notice and lift up a praise of thanksgiving- I sense even more of God's grace to continue on through each task the day brings.  
Some of the things I have been thankful for; 
1. Family & Friends coming over to help me. The first week my dad came over every day to just be a help and support to our quickly changing life! He also got to bond with the babies which was sweet to see! 
He helped me take the kids to their first bio visits! Learning to cart around 2 kids , to 2 different CPS offices in the Houston area is hard and learning to meet all their needs is very challenging, but I'm slowly getting there! Daddyo has been so helpful in the meantime- L loves papa c!  My mom has spent the night a few times which helps me get better sleep! And we worked on the yard together!  When she spends the night and takes…

Brag post

My babies!

Praising God for the opportunity to be their momma for however long He allows!