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A Sweet Saturday

Today was a fun day getting out of the house for the babies and I! My grandma invited us down to Texas City for a German Festival at her church. It was a definitely a cultural experience! (My grandmas dress is so cute, huh!?)  Having fun with the family! Auntie sue and my mom!! 
Sweet love for auntie sue and grams!  We had a good time and the kids did great! 

On the way home, since my mom and I drove together she let me run into the outlet mall to have a 15 minute shopping spree with my birthday money. This, as you know mommies, is a blessing! It's virtually impossible (or I have not figured out the art yet) to go shopping with 2 under 2, so this was great.  The loft outlet is the bomb. I got a 35$ scarf for 7.99, and I got a 20$ shirt for 7.99. Plus this loft is not in the Woodlands, therefore there is a lot of cute stuff on the sale rack! Sales at outlet malls= good deal! 
Lastly, we got gas at Buccees... And we got treats! Mom got her fav. Rice crispy and I got my favorite Dr. pepper…

The Beauty of Fostering...

Getting to share Christ's love; the Worthy One! 
This process for me has been such a whirlwind! At moments, I questioned my calling... Until yesterday when I met baby M's biological mother. 
Jesus put it on my heart to ask my CPS worker if I could meet her after the visit with M at the CPS office yesterday. I knew it HAD to be Jesus because just an hour earlier I was tearing up dropping off what feels like my son to see his mother.  In the hours of waiting for the meeting to be over, I chatted with my sister who was telling me encouraging stories about bio families and foster family relationships! She didn't know that God was speaking through her to tenderize my heart for actually meeting M's biological mother. 
As I waited for my CPS worker to respond to my text, my heart started pounding and then I started tearing up AGAIN. Then the text came back from him saying "yes, we're coming out!" 
So there I was waiting to meet the mother of what feels like my little…