A Sweet Saturday

Today was a fun day getting out of the house for the babies and I! My grandma invited us down to Texas City for a German Festival at her church. It was a definitely a cultural experience! (My grandmas dress is so cute, huh!?) 
Having fun with the family! Auntie sue and my mom!! 

Sweet love for auntie sue and grams! 
We had a good time and the kids did great! 

On the way home, since my mom and I drove together she let me run into the outlet mall to have a 15 minute shopping spree with my birthday money. This, as you know mommies, is a blessing! It's virtually impossible (or I have not figured out the art yet) to go shopping with 2 under 2, so this was great. 
The loft outlet is the bomb. I got a 35$ scarf for 7.99, and I got a 20$ shirt for 7.99. Plus this loft is not in the Woodlands, therefore there is a lot of cute stuff on the sale rack! Sales at outlet malls= good deal! 

Lastly, we got gas at Buccees... And we got treats! Mom got her fav. Rice crispy and I got my favorite Dr. pepper slurpee! 

Well, there is our day! Thankful to Jesus for a fun one... and sweet family to share it with! 


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