Thank you Jesus!!!!!!

I read this in a devotion today; 

The eighteenth-century pastor William Law wrote, "If anyone would tell you the shortest, surest way to all happiness they would tell you to make it a rule to thank and praise God for everything that happens to you. For it is certain that whatever seeming calamity befalls you, if you can thank and praise God for it you will turn it into a blessing."

Today we are thanking and praising Jesus for the opportunity to see little M Last night! 
Us after our visit with him last night. The picture is blurry but we are giddy because God has not closed the door completely wth our sweet boy M. God could have closed the door, and He would still be a good, good father if He did. In most foster care cases, the relationship does end after the child goes back to family. But God, in His sweetness has softened both our hearts and M's bio moms heart. She has been so considerate of us. And we are grateful. 

Last night at the visit she introduced us to the group of people at the home as "M's new GOD PARENTS" 😂 - how AWESOME is that? Kalen and I had no idea she was going to refer to us in such a way and we were definitely taken back (with tears filling our eyes) when we heard it; filled with complete joy at the thought of it! She told us last night she couldn't take M from us or us from M.  She was too thankful for us, and our relationship is too special!  How beautiful of a redemption picture is this? Foster care is not just about bringing healing to the kids, but to the families too! God's heart is for them as well!  We are just praising God. Completey! It's all Him.  And give Him all the glory! 

M is bonding with his mom in a specialized government-owned home while recovering. So... the place is gated and basically on lock down. We couldn't bring our phones in or anything except our IDs and keys. To give you a little idea, we had to go through a metal detector test. So, unfortunately we didn't get a picture with M or mom. But we did get to see him; which is all we wanted. When his mom brought him in the room a flood of emotions came over me. I love him so much. Getting to see his face And kiss his sweet cheeks Again was such a gift. The time went by too fast though! We couldn't get enough snuggles, giggles and smiles. M is still his super special, sweet self. Now he has two front teeth coming in on the bottom! 👦🏾

We are looking forward (Lord willing) to watch him grow and be a support system to his thoughtful momma. What a gift this process is. We are beyond thankful. Thank you for prayers. Keep praying for M's mom as the case is still open and she still has a ways to go in recovery! 

Love in Christ,

the thankful God mother❤️


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