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Echo into Eternity: Redemption in Foster Care

"Let this year or so that you have the kids Echo...into...Eternity
Those are words that shook me and brought me to my knees during a quiet time in late November (3 months into having the kids). This was around the time God began changing my heart from wanting to receive the kids, to wanting to give for the kids.
As I thought about those words, "echo into eternity" I wept. And those words still to this day shake me up a bit. This was a word/phrase of hope for me from my Father God. My papa in Heaven. It was Him telling me that even if we don't get to keep the kids forever on earth, the seeds we plant in their hearts (and later- the hearts of their families) can and will echo into eternity... Where we can truly be together forever. ❤️
So, this is where the story of REDEMPTION began, not just for the kids, but for their momma's. Their biological families. 
I began to ask Jesus, beg Him... For salvation to fall swiftly upon M and L and for their specific family m…

The good news of Christ...

It never gets old. Relish it, friends!  Lyrics from "How deep the fathers love for us" hymn! 

An open letter to our little L

Dear L, 
Today as I was running while pushing you in the stroller I thought about a few things. First, my shirt that I was running in said "Iron sharpens Iron" (proverbs 27:17), and I couldn't help but think about you being a type of Iron that the Lord has used to sharpen me into someone who looks more like Jesus. That's been my prayer for awhile, that my heart would be more like Jesus'. The interesting thing is, iron comes in many different shapes and sizes! And you, my little love, have been used as iron in my life by God and I am so thankful for this. At times, sweet one, I did not want to thank God for this, because of my sin. You don't know or understand yet how God has used you to chizzel me, to break me, and to ultimately heal me from things that aren't good for me. What a gift you are. Little L, you are a precious gift from God and have changed me forever. Thank you for always graciously forgiving, loving and hugging me as I'm learning how to b…

When Your Dad Turns 60...

You throw a party! :)

My mom planned this whole party... we just opened up our house! I am so thankful for my daddy-o. We've been through many seasons together. Easy and hard ones. I am thankful to share in this new season of foster care with him. He has been such a help; the hands and feet of Christ to us! He has walked out love many ways through this process and I've loved watching us all grow together. One of my dad's songs for me as an adolescent was "I believe in you" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Daddy-o has always been one of my biggest fans and that is a special gift from my Heavenly Father. I love you dad! I'm so thankful to share life with you!

Friends and family came from out of town!

so many people we didn't have enough eating/seating space!

L loves Connie. She met Connie the first weekend she came to live with us and has loved her since!
photo bomb!

                              Figuring out the super cool candle from the Gallaghers! (Thanks He…

Happy Valentines Day - 2016

This year I've learned (and am still learning) a new kind of love. 
It's a beautiful type of love. A sacrificial type of love. A not-in-it-for-me type of love.  A I'll-love-you-with-my-whole-heart-even though-tomorrow-is-not-promised love. A love that dies (and many times) daily. A love that knows no bounds. A love that desperately hates the self-seeking sin it sees and destroys it for the sake of anotherA love that fights a spiritual battle not of your own makingA love that says "no matter what, I'm not giving up". <~~~ that is true, biblically-based love. That is Jesus' love. And we love because He first loved us. 
Through God's sanctifying grace, foster care will birth (and continue to birth) this type of love in you. In our short 6 months of foster care, I've learned what love is in such a deeper way. Through it all, I'm seeing (with the eyes of my heart) God's love in such profound ways. Wow. I'm just blown away by His love.