Echo into Eternity: Redemption in Foster Care

"Let this year or so that you have the kids Echo...into...Eternity

Those are words that shook me and brought me to my knees during a quiet time in late November (3 months into having the kids). This was around the time God began changing my heart from wanting to receive the kids, to wanting to give for the kids.

As I thought about those words, "echo into eternity" I wept. And those words still to this day shake me up a bit. This was a word/phrase of hope for me from my Father God. My papa in Heaven. It was Him telling me that even if we don't get to keep the kids forever on earth, the seeds we plant in their hearts (and later- the hearts of their families) can and will echo into eternity... Where we can truly be together forever. ❤️

So, this is where the story of REDEMPTION began, not just for the kids, but for their momma's. Their biological families. 

I began to ask Jesus, beg Him... For salvation to fall swiftly upon M and L and for their specific family members. Because it wasn't just about the kids knowing Jesus anymore, it was about their bio families too. God put this on my heart. These thoughts did not stream from my heart. No way Jose. These were God's thoughts. Streaming from His redeeming heart. 

So I began asking Jesus, what does this look like practically other than praying? I then thought about the fact that Christmas was just right around the corner; aka - a perfect opportunity to bless M and L's moms with a gift. And of course, what else would God have me give other than His Holy Word that has the power to save? The power to redeem.... For eternity. 

So here I am (with the help of a godly man, David O' Farrell, and his ministry to get Study Bibles engraved with people's names on it) with 2 Bibles; one for each momma (both dads are unknown). 

<<side note: It's kind of awkward/hard to post this for me because I feel like it's such a holy offering to God and one of those things you just don't share... You know, You don't boast about things like this, because it's God's idea. But, I feel the freedom now to share, with hopes that maybe Jesus will spark in my fellow Foster mommies hearts of redemption for all involved in your case! That is my prayer and hope in sharing>>

Well, December/Christmas visits came around and it was time to give the gifts! 
Each mom got her Bible and of course pictures of their babies. The most beautiful thing about this was that my heart was settled on the matter. God had shown my heart so heavily to "set my heart on the things of Heaven" that it truly felt like a joy to give these gifts to them. Even though I love these kids like nobodies business! It was just beautiful to feel God's heart for these moms, too. 

Fast forward a few months later ---> as you know if you have followed our story that M went back to be with his mom January 7th, 2016. When he left, we felt the sting of what felt like a death, even though God had already encouraged my heart that this will echo into eternity, it didn't take the immense pain away. We wept and mourned, but not without hope because of the hope that the seeds of God's love and word would grow into salvation... Aka... Echo into eternity. 

Then 3 long, hard days later, we got the news that mom wanted us to be apart of M's life. Not only that, but we would be his God Parents! :-D! We have seen M 4 times since he left.❤️ His mom is doing so well that she's phased up in the program and is in her own apartment now; which enabled us to meet at the park and love on our little love bug and his sweet family. 

Such a gift to snuggle him again.
Good for my soul to see them together. 

M's sweet momma, brother and sister:)

This. Is. Redemption.... This is the story of the Cross. God redeeming the world and bringing them into fellowship with His son Jesus Christ.  Foster care with Jesus is about Redemption. Redemption for the kids. Redemption for the families. May our lives shine His redemption. May all we do "echo into eternity". And maybe (haha just maybe? Of course all things are possible with Him), God will go over exceedingly and beyond all we can think or imagine ... Even on earth! 💞

Love in Christ, 
The middle mom/Foster mom/God mom... Lindsey ❤️

P. S. A question to ponder... 
What if foster care is more about showing the love of Christ to a broken world than any other possible thing? Jesus, we are your hands and feet. You are the hero of Foster care and we need you! Thanks for rescuing us in our sin, and using us to be a place of restoration and safety; ultimately rescuing others from their sin by pointing them to You! The great Redeemer! Your will be done. Your kingdom come. In Your name we pray, amen. ❤️


  1. I loved this!! I'm so proud of mom!! Thank you for staying so humble and real. I am always learning from your journey... into eternity!

  2. This is beautiful, and so inspiring, thank you for sharing. (From a future foster mom, we are just starting the process)

  3. This is beautiful, and so inspiring, thank you for sharing. (From a future foster mom, we are just starting the process)


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