It's Been One Year Since Licensing...

Today is August 1st 2016, and on July 30th 2015 we got licensed to be foster parents! I can't believe it's been a year since we became official foster parents. Oh what a year it has been. The ups and downs. The joys and the sorrows. The heartache... the darkness... but oh the glorious light of Jesus piercing through.

On August 19th of this year, we will have had L in our lives for a year. I was sitting in her room rocking her the other day and remembered the preparations we had made just a year prior. I was thinking about how I prayed for her, how I longed to be a mother to her, and then looked down and saw that she was here with me. The many hours I spent painting and decorating her room. Oh, how we anxiously waited to hear that phone call to care for her. Thinking upon these things was a good reminder of God's faithfulness. You know, we could have gotten a room prepared, but never got the opportunity to have a little love sleep in there. But now, this little one that we got at 14 months old, is now almost 26 months. She has definitely enjoyed her room, and has bloomed tremendously. I've loved watching her grow here in our home.

Because we are hitting the anniversary of becoming foster parents, I thought I would update with some pictures from just over a year ago. Below are pictures from my foster baby shower. It was such a sweet day hosted by my sisters-in-love Kalese, Brittany and my friend Ashlee.

I remember being just amazed by this scripture: "Whenever you welcome a little child like this on my behalf welcomes Me!" That's Jesus speaking. I LOVED being reminded of that, and it's hanging in L's room today. It's one of those staple scriptures to get me through rough patches.

All the gifts -and L has enjoyed each one! So exciting to think about!

And the moment I lost it because Diane bought me a "Born in my Heart" charm that I didn't tell anyone that I wanted it...

My sweet family, friends and sisters in Christ!

I love reminiscing back on this day; The way the ladies treated this shower like a "Real baby shower" blessed me so much. Because you know... these kids in foster care are real children... and even though we're not promised tomorrow with L, because of this shower - she's had so many sweet gifts and comforts to help her bloom this past year. God is faithful.


Now onto the preparations for the room: 
We bought this beautiful crib at a resale shop for less than 100 dollars! We painted it white - that you will see later! 

We painted the room yellow and grey... For "gender neutral" purposes :). 
The finished crib and a bassinet I also found at a resale shop! (little M slept in the bassinet his first few months of life-- tear!) also, a little background on the wood sign. For years when I went to hobby lobby, I would pass by this sign and get teary-eyed with the thought of the meaning behind the words "all of God's grace in one tiny face". Now I see it every day as I sing amazing grace to L before bed. Amazing grace. L has been such a gift of God's grace to me. 

I painted this dresser that my sister-in-law gave me too! 
Added some scripture in there later :) 
Here is the room all lived in now :) 
As you can see, here's my feet :) - I spent many days up there praying for whoever would enter this room! And here we are - a year into it - with our little L. And we're still praying. Praying for God's perfect will for this sweet girl. We want what's best for her. Right now, we are struggling to know what that is. We need your prayers! Trial for L is supposed to be in August; which will tell us if we're moving toward adoption, or another 6 months with us until her mom gets better. We truly are a peace with God for His will for L. Of course, we love love love her. But we must stand still and watch Him fight for her good, and His glory. We had no idea foster care would be this hard, but in the hard - we see Jesus light shine ever-so-clearly. We are leaning on His promises!  Psalm 23! Please join with us in prayer. I will try to write more to keep everyone updated! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has invested so much in us and L. I know the seeds planted in her heart will grow, grow, grow no matter what the future holds. That truth brings me peace! 
Love to all in Christ,


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