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Little M is back!

Our hearts are heavy (because things aren't going super well at his home) and at the same time happy (because we love him so much and enjoy his presence) to tell you M has been placed back in our care. We do not know for how long but are asking for your prayers for swift justice for him. He was placed in our care as an emergency placement for a week about 2 weeks ago, then sent back to his mom, and now is with us again. So there is some unsteadiness going on right now. We can't go much into detail as to why, but ask for you to rev up your prayers for little M, and us all as we adjust our hearts and homes all together again. We love him and are so happy to love on him again!

Us all together after daddy preached yesterday!  I'm pretty sure him and L remember each other :) 

Sweeties!!!!! Definitely loving having him back! 
Thank you for your prayers!!!! This is all a roller coaster but we're leaning into Jesus and just thankful for the oppurtunity to care for him again!

Love Fosters Hope Run 2016

Was one of the best mornings of my life. Why you ask? ... This blogpost will give you the answer.

But first, For those of you who do not know yet, we found out Oct. 19th that we are on track to adopt Little L! We have had her exactly half of her life (we got her at 14 months, and now she's 28 months).  Kalen and I were shocked because this process has been so unpredictable and such a roller coaster. But I could not help but cry with joy when sharing the news via FaceTime with family! Everyone says it's not official  until the papers are signed, so we still aren't 100%, but is life ever predictable?...We are just thankful we are headed in a good direction! 

I want to share more about how trial went, but I will wait until after I post about this beautiful morning. 
So why, why was this such an amazing morning? Why am I still sort of soaking in the moments before/after the run? Because it stands as a type of spiritual symbolism that is hard to put into words... but I will try…