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Look to Jesus & let His sweetness change you

At the end of each day, I find myself thinking about the day and how it went; how I was as a mother. Was I kind and gentle? Did I exude the love of Jesus to my kids, my husband? How was I in the secret places that no one sees but God?

I tend to be overly introspective when it comes to my spiritual walk, but I'd rather be overly than not introspective at all. 
Truthfully, most days I am disappointed in my ability to shepherd the kids, love my husband well, and be a good steward of my time in the secret places. I struggle with mean-spiritedness and lack of self-control at times and I absolutely hate it.  I often can relate to this Psalm: 
“How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart? Cleanse me from these hidden faults.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭19:12‬ ‭NLT‬‬
Why do I share this with you? I share because this blog is mainly about sharing the gospel. The gospel invites messy people, people that are sick and need a doctor. And my life is a perfect picture of the …

The Journey is the Reward

Today me and the kiddies went walking on The Waterway.

This is one of our favorite places to go on Wednesdays after we drop dad off at work. I enjoy it because of the beautiful scenery, L likes it because there are ducks, and at the end of the walk we get Starbucks and she gets a treat :). 

Picture from sometime in October^ me and L :) 
Today was our first walk on The Waterway with little M in tow. L and I had made it a habit to go to The Waterway every week, but once M came back, there was some much needed adjustment time for all of us so we didn't venture out much (by myself at least!). But today, we did it! I'm enjoying watching God stretch my heart and my ability to be a mommy to these precious ones! He's growing me, and I'm thankful.  Today it was super windy, so I found myself holding on tight to these two as literally the wind may just have knocked them over! Lol. At first, L was scared of the wind, then I told her God is just giving us a breeze, and she started …

When your holidays aren't as magical as you'd hope...

The holidays in America are so dreamy! I think of the movie Miracle on 34th street; the lights, the joy, the giving and receiving of gifts, all the fun activities, family time, company parties, yummy food, friends getting together, ugly sweater parties, the sentimental music, the shopping, the smells, the flawless/happy perfect family photos... and most of us are able to enjoy all these things. They are fun and help us create sweet memories.  But what if, due to some circumstances, part of the fun of Christmas is taken away and you're to look at Christmas at face value, without all the hype. Without all we have added to it?

This holiday season due to sickness, I was in a sense, forced to do just that in a small way. Dec. 6th, I caught pink eye. The type of pink eye you see on those horrifying google pictures. The achy-oozy-puffy-bright red- someone-is-scratching-your-eye pink eye. The pink eye that people stop and ask if you're okay, pink eye. I went to the minute clinic dec. …