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Hi Blogging World,

It's been awhile since I have made an appearance on here. You can thank Instagram and Facebook for stealing the majority of my updating lately (total wink because it's not their fault, but mine). Every time I take a nice break from those media outlets, I find myself back here, appreciating the quiet reserve of the blogging world. There's no rush here to update, or a sense of demand to get the pictures/ thoughts up that day / moment. It's good for my soul to take periodical breaks and remind myself that life can be slow, less stimulated, and still be wonderfully enjoyable. Thank you Jesus for that!

Since it's nap time around here, I thought I'd clean up my blog (Change the theme), and give a little update on our life right now!

I don't think I've announced this on here yet, BUT -- We are on our way to ADOPTING little M (ALL THE praises and hearts possible here!)! We found that out on Feb. 15th! M's bio mom did decide to relinquish rights and give over complete custody of her son. We are overwhelmingly thankful for this sacrificial gift she is giving M and us. This decision also made the court hearing a total of 15 MINUTES! Anyone who remembers the LONG process with L? That is still going on? We've had a total of 5 trials (That were very long) with her case, and though it's headed toward adoption, there are many hurdles + appeals to deal with. Here we are with M's CASA workers + just a delightful one of me and Kalen. 

So, to say that mom giving up her parental rights is a gift is an understatement! We are so grateful to the GOOD Lord Jesus for making justice happen extremely swiftly for M. If it goes as it's supposed to, Adoption looks like it's right around the corner for M. He has an adoption worker, and we are planning on an August adoption for him since he turns 2 then. Lord Willing it all goes as planned.

And our sweet precious L, oh man. We continue to sense the battle for her little soul. Almost 2 years later of having her in our care... we are waiting for termination of the unknown father, and then we move onto the appeal process with mom's attorney. On a gracious timeline, it looks like 6 months for L to be adopted. I beg / ask you to pray for swift justice for her. I believe her bio mother even now could just give up and decide not to appeal the process, but that would need a miracle - so again - we need as many people as possible looking to the strong arm of JESUS to do this. Please don't stop praying for our sweet family. Each day I do life as their momma. These babes are my babes in my heart, because God has given me the amazing opportunity to care for them, and they are mine in my heart with or without an adoption decree.

Thank you for your prayers! Now, onto the daily grind here...

We just moved out of the house God let us stay in for 2 1/2 years in May (Don't forget RENT FREE!). If you've forgotten the AMAZING God story you can refresh your memory Here. It was a CRAZY few months trying to find a house to buy in barely a month and a half, but GOD. He pulled through in the nick of time and we found the perfect house JUST in the nick of time. The sweet Gallagher family that allowed us to stay in their home just adopted their daughter and I'm thankful they could bring her and their 4 other children back home to Texas. Living off Greenvine was such a blessing: we brought the babies home there, had many tears and joys, and made lots of memories. The things that I will miss the most about that home/area are the 1.) BEAUTIFUL running trails where God taught me to persevere /fight sin + fight for joy in so many ways and 2.) the numerous playgrounds to choose from to take the kids every day!
Below are some pictures of the Gallagher family + the kids making our transition sweet! 

We've been living in our new home for almost two months now and thoroughly enjoying it, though it took me about a month and a half to really make it feel like home. The kids now have adjusted as well. We are thankful! I am loving it making it our own, the Garden has been such a fun thing! Thank you Jesus!

God also provided a new running trail, that's literally a trail in our neighborhood! I am so thankful. It's harder, but good training ground! The trail also has a fence line with horses behind it. That's also been a great blessing to me and the kids. We got to feed them grass yesterday. 

My water helper^^ 

Last special thing I want to update on is...  L turned 3 June 7th! She wanted to ride the Trolley at the Waterway with DIDI and papa C, so we did just that. We ate a yummy birthday breakfast at Denny's, then headed over to the Waterway and waited for the trolley.

One sweet part of the day for me was when she got scared on the Trolley. You may think this is silly, but she let me comfort her and then she just rested on me the whole rest of the ride. This was a special gift to me on her birthday! Thank you Jesus!

 This munchkin is truly growing RIGHT before my eyes. She is super sweet, and is a huge blessing to others. Her and M have a super sweet relationship. She asks him to come play with her, read with her, and always takes every opportunity to boss him around when possible (haha...). I've loved watching these two together! I'm so thankful to be their mommy.

I think that's life updated for us right now...

One sweet blessing I wanted to share today is this:
I was given a BOB double stroller today so that I can run with the babes while Kalen is gone on all his summer mission trips! Thank you Sarah Grenz! She is moving to Israel and just decided to GIVE IT away! I've been talking to Kalen since the beginning of the summer about getting a double jogging stroller so that I could go running while he was gone, but we would need to sell our other strollers first in order to be able to get one. Kalen just left for his second trip for the summer and now I have one of these to go running with the babes! This is a kiss from God and uplifted my spirits. There is always something to be thankful for, God is always moving and works mainly in the little things and ways we don't expect! He is unceasingly kind to His kids!  Yay God!
The kids are happy and thankful too. God is good. 

Blessings in Christ, 


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