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We've got AMAZING news!

We're pregnant! We are overwhelmingly grateful for this precious gift of life growing inside right now. This is old news for most of you, but maybe for some of you - this is new news! Kalen and I have been praying for a child from our womb since day 1 of our marriage (Almost 7 years ago). You can learn more about our story Here.

 I am 24 weeks along and we're expecting a precious baby girl. This momma is smitten and happy-tears grateful.

The journey has been the reward. Though it's been a hard journey, I've learned to walk so intimately with Jesus in surrender through many years of desperate prayers. Through it all I've experienced God's faithfulness and sweet nearness when the answer for many years was no. Jesus and I became so knit together in love  that I could truthfully say if He never gave us a child from my womb, I would be satisfied... because HE is enough. I found Him to be enough on the journey, and that is the most precious reward I could ask for.