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Our Birth Story!

Today marks one month with our precious gift from God, Noelle Elisabeth Houck. Being the one month anniversary, I thought it was an appropriate time to share our birth story. Before I begin, here are a few sweet pictures of me and my baby girl Kalen took on her 2nd day in the world.

It all started early morning on March 12th. It was 3:30 a.m. and I was woken up from sleep with strong contractions. I had already been experiencing a lot of false/early labor in the previous weeks, but nothing that woke me up from sleep - so I knew these were something different. I immediately got up out of bed and started walking around, and they seemed to stay steady and strong 5 minutes apart for an hour and a half. I then decided to wake Kalen up and called my mom to come over. By then it was around 5:30 a.m., my mom gets to the house around 6... and off Kalen and I go to the hospital.

The second I entered the hospital, my contractions started settling down a bit. I entered Triage and was very discou…

Sweet Baby Showers

My motherhood journey has been over many years and different seasons, so I gained many sweet friends and prayer warriors along the way. These sweet friends/ family all wanted to celebrate this precious girl’s arrival. The Lord gave us 3 different showers for her! We’re so blessed!

(At the time I wrote this) We have officially entered into the 40th week of pregnancy, so I figured nows the time to post an update on her and the sweet showers. 
At our 34 week appointment we got another 4D sonogram. :) 

Look at this girl’s tongue! Ha! 

I just think she’s beautiful! The tech guy said she’s measuring big, with long arms and legs. And also 5lbs and 6 ounces! Big girl! I definitely always felt on the bigger side! 

Now onto my first shower in January, hosted by my beautiful sister Lauren and her mother -in-law.  I really liked all the print-outs my sister got made. This one especially. The fact that God knew Noelle before she ever entered my womb! ❤️
Favorite photo of my sister and I! So much joy! …